Garden Shop

Garden Shop

The garden shop is open daily throughout the year. Here you will find daily harvested fresh fruit and vegetables in season, a large range of plants and shrubs, handmade cards and a selection of handmade nesting boxes and bird tables. We also sell a selection of homemade chutneys and preserves made from garden produce which make ideal gifts to take home for your friends and family.

The Garden offers the only opportunity in Pembrokeshire to pick your own soft fruit in season. What could be better than fresh strawberries and cream!

Please view our produce list below. All prices are subject to seasonal change without notice.

Produce List

Product Price Per Unit Unit
Artichoke £0.40 each
Broad Beans £1.20 lb
Lettuce £0.70 each
Onion £0.50 lb
Rhubarb £1.50 lb
Potatoes £0.30 lb
Bunch Radish £0.70 each
PYO Gooseberries £1.80 lb
Cucumber £0.70 each
Lge Cucumber £0.90 each
Chillies £0.05 each
PYOStrawberries £1.80 lb
PYO Raspberries £1.80 lb
Tomatoes £1.00 lb
Runner Beans £1.00 lb
Peas £1.50 lb
PYO Currants £1.80 lb
Bunch Sweet Peas £0.80 each
Squash £0.80 each
Aubergine £0.60 each
Peppers £0.40 each
Courgettes £1.20 lb
Bag Fennel £0.50 each
Bag Rosemary £0.50 each
Bag Mint £0.50 each
Bag Thyme £0.50 each
Bag Sage £0.50 each
Kohlrabi £0.40 each
Beetroot x 6 £1.00 each
French Beans £1.50 lb
Cabbage £0.60 each
Kale, bunch £0.70 each
Butternut Squash £0.80 each
Marrow £1.50 each
Shallot/bunch £.50 lb
Leeks £1.00 lb
6 x local eggs £1.50 each
Parsnips £0.50 lb
Kindling bag £5.00 each
Local sustainable logs £7.00/4.00 each
Pembrokeshire Honey £6.50 lb
Brocoli £1.60 lb
Large Squash £1.00 each
Chard £0.70 each
Spinach £0.70 each
Cooking apples £.60 lb
Various eating apples £.60 lb
Pears - Various varieties £.60 lb
Carrots £.80 lb